Volume: I      e – News letter (July to September, 2019)                Issue:  1


18-7-2019: Completion of Certificate course on Organic Farming               

(1st Phase 2019-20): Open and Distance Learning Centre -  certificate course on "Organic Farming (1st phase 2019-20)" was completed on 18-07-2019 by conducting examination and valedictory by Dr. Tulasi Lakshmi Thentu, SMS (CP). 33 members registered the course from Nellore district.  As per the guidelines three classes and a final examination was conducted at the end of the course. Dr. V Paramashiva, Scientist (Entomology) and Dr. U. Vineetha, Scientist (Agronomy), ARS Nellore were invited as guest lecturer to cover various topics in the syllabus.  All the topics in the syllabus were covered in oral lectures with the help of power point presentation. Out of 33 participants 23 attended the examination and successfully completed the course. Valedictory session was conducted at the end of the programme after completion of examination.






26-07-2019:    Open and Distance Learning Centre - certificate course on "Bee keeping 3rd class was conducted at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Nellore.  A total of 15 members were participated in the training programme.  Dr.Harathi, Scientist, ARS, Nellore gave lecture on Seasonal management of Bee keeping and marketing aspects.  Dr.M. Pradeep, SMS (PP), KVK, Nellore explained Important pests and their management in Bee keeping







01-08-2019:  Conducted SERP Training programme on Production Technology of Blackgram at Kondapuram mandal of Nellore district. SMS (Extension) conducted Pre and Post evaluation test.  SMS Crop Production delivered lecture on “Production technology on Blackgram”.  SMS (Plant Protection) delivered lecture on “IPM in Blackgram”.






1-8-19: Training programme on Blackgram production technology:  SMS (CP) conducted training programme on Blackgram production technology at kondapuram along with SMS (PP) and SMS (Extn). 40 FPO members attended the training programme. SMS (Extn) done Pre and post evaluation to know the improvement in the knowledge levels regarding Blackgram production technology. SMS (CP) explained regarding the agronomic aspects to be followed to achieve high productivity in Blackgram. SMS (PP) explained regarding plant protection measures to be followed during Blackgram cultivation.









07-08-2019:  Conducted SERP Training programme on Production Technology of Blackgram at Duttaluru mandal of Nellore district.  SMS (Extension) conducted Pre and Post evaluation test. Dr.G.L.Siva Jyothi, Programme Coordinator delivered lecture on “Production technology on Blackgram”.  SMS (Plant Protection) delivered lecture on “IPM in Blackgram”.





8-8-19: Training programme on Millet production technology:  SMS (CP) participated in the ATMA training programme as resource person and delivered lecture on millet production technology. 40 members attended the training programme. SMS (CP) elaborated regarding millets that are suitable to Nellore dist and new improved varieties released their yield and crop duration. Plant protection aspects to be followed while cultivating millets.






17-08-2019:  SMS (Plant Protection) Conducted ODLC Beekeeping examination at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Nellore. A total of 12 participants appeared for examination out of 15 registered participants.  Feedback about the training programme and a Group photo were taken after the examination. 





Parthenium awareness week was conducted by Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Nellore from 16-8-2019 to22-8-2019.


16-8-2017:    KVK, Nellore Today we have cleaned KVK premises infested with parthenium plants with the coordination and co-operation of all the KVK Teaching and Non teaching staff and farm workers.  In this hand removal by complete uprooting of parthenium in KVK premises was carried out we explained about Mexican beetles about biological control in parthenium eradication.


17-8-2017:  Indukurpeta mandal – Today we have conducted parthenium awareness programme to the  indukrupeta farmers.  Dr N Krishna Priya SMS (Extension) explained about the biology and its harmful effects on humans and crops.  Composting of parthenium and its nutrient status over FYM was explained to farmers. Dr T Tulasi Lakshmi SMS (Crop Production) explained different ways to control the Parthenium.We created awareness that farmers as to farm single community to control the Parthenium weed.


18-8-2017:     Kondlapudi (Nellore Rural) –Dr N Krishna Priya SMS (Extension) explained all the details about growth, habitat, various ill effects of Parthenium on food grain crops and human animal health. After that we involved farmers in eradicating parthenium by complete uprooting in one of the farmers field.



19-8-2017:      Nellore GVRR Jr College: – Today we have conducted awarenesss programme to BiPC students Dr N Krishna Priya SMS (Extension) explained about the biology and its harmful effects on humans and crops. Dr T Tulasi Lakshmi SMS (Crop Production) explained different ways to control the Parthenium. Students actively participated and responded satisfactory to the programme. Dr M Pradeep, SMS (Plant Protection), Hari Sadu SMS (Fisheries), College principal Lakshmi Narasaiah and staff participated in the programme



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22-08-2019:  SMS (Plant Protection) Conducted training programme on “Fall army worm management in Maize” at Kondlapudisangam village, Nellore Rural where Maize crop is predominantly grown.  A total of 31 participants participated in the training programme along with Scientist (Crop Production), DAATTC and SMS (Extension), KVK Nellore.





24-8-19: Training programme on Millet production technology:  Programme coordinator, SMS (CP) and DAATTC Senior scientist (CPt) participated in Organic products exhibition and sales organized by organic farmers group at market yard Nellore. Programme coordinator delivered lecture on importance of organic farming. About 200 farmers participated in the training programme along with department officials.  




06-09-2019:  25 trainees were given with hand on training on Mushroom cultivation at KVK Nellore.  The programme was funded by ATA Smt.Y.Anandi Kumari, Project Director, ATMA, Nellore inaugurated the programe.


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11-09-2019:  National Animal Disease Control Programme (NADCP):  Hon'ble Prime Minister has kindly consented to launch National Animal Disease control programme for FMD and brucellosis and nationwide artificial inseminatino programme. Dr. Narasimha Rao, Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry, Nellore, Dr.Somaiah, Assistant Director of Animal Husbandry, TP Guduru , Dr. Chaitanya Kishore, Veterinary Assistant Surgeon, ADDL, Nellore, Dr. Sumalatha, Veterinary Assistant Surgeon, Varigonda, Dr.P.Bhanu Prakash Veterinary Assistant Surgeon, Nellore, Dr.G.L. Siva Jyothi Programme Coordinator, KVK, Nellore.


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12-09-19 to 13-09-19:- Organized ANGARU-SERP district level training program on value addition to millets at KVK Nellore. Dr G. Lalitha Siva Jyothi, Programme Coordinator delivered lecture on the activities of KVK and also the importance millets. Dr K.Vijayalakshmi, RA (H.Sc) delivered lecture on the nutrients composition of millets, uses of millets in the diet, about Labeling and licensing and preparations of various items with millets.  20 members of SHG women’s participated in the programme.




15-09-2019: ODLC on “Terrace Gardening”: KVK, Nellore, has Inaugurated and conducted “ODLC on Terrace Gardening” on 15-09-2019 to 47 enrolled participants. The participants of the programme were from Nellore dt. and Chittoor district Andhra Pradesh State. The ODLC was coordinated by Dr. G L Siva Jyothi, Programme Coordinator and G. Narayana Swamy, Subject Matter Specialist (Horticulture) Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Nellore. Dr. G L Siva Jyothi, Programme Coordinator Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Nellore in her inaugural address appraised the participants about the importance of urban farming and usage of Terrace gardening and importance scope of Terrace gardening and different methods of Terrace gardening. G.Narayana Swamy, SMS (Horticulture), Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Nellore, explained to the participants about the Terrace gardening importance, planning and design of terrace gardening architecture, method of preparation of terrace gardening, different potting mixtures, different organic manures and also practically showed to the participants terrace farming at KVK, Nellore. 


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17-09-2019:  Environment awareness programme: Organised awareness on environment and distributed saplings of various fruits and agro forestry species to the farmers as a part of the programme. In this programme Dr.G.L. Siva Jyothi, Programme coordinator of KVK, Nellore explained about the benefits of growing plants around the houses. Chief guest Sri.Lakshmi Narayana, Principal of GVRR Junior College, B.V. Nagar, Nellore and P. Athulla, Field Officer, IFFCO, Nellore and KVK Staff participated.  Plants were distributed at DFI village Neelayapalem.










Volume: I      e – News letter (October to December, 2015)                Issue:  1

1. Cashewnut farmers training programme:

15th to 17th October, 2015:

A three day vocational training programme was organized for 50 cashew nut farmers and farm women at KVK Nellore by Research Associate, (Horticulture). Processing and value addition of Cashew nut, harvesting techniques in Cashew nut, different varieties of Cashew nut which were suitable for Nellore district climate were explained.  Shri N. Murthi, AEO, explained about method of grafting in Cashewnut.

On 16-10-2015: On the second day Dr. M. Appa Rao, Deputy Director (Rtd.), Directorate of Cashewnut and Cocoa Development, Cochin, Kerala, explained about schemes. Dr. G. Sarada, Scientist (Entomology), Citrus Research Station, Tirupati, explained in detail about pest and disease management in Cashewnut. Shri N.V. Raghavalu, Assistant Director (Rtd.), Industrial Department of A.P, told about Financial Viability and Bankability. Sri G. Narayana Swamy, Research Associate (Horticulture), Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Nellore, told about schemes of Department of Horticulture and also explained about activities and mandates of Krishi Vigyan Kendra.

On 17-10-2015: On last day, a tour was arranged to Komarivaripalem, Vakadu, Nellore for the farmers to visit Cashewnut orchards and Dr. M. Appa Rao, Deputy Director (Rtd.), Directorate of Cashewnut and Cocoa Development, Cochin, Kerala, explained about marketing of Cashewnut and Cashew apple. Certificates were distributed to trainees.  Sri G. Narayana Swamy, Research Associate (Horticulture), Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Nellore, proposed vote of thanks.












2.   Jai Kisan Jai Vigyan  celebration (23rd  to 29th November,             2015):

KVK Nellore celebrated Jai Kisan Jai Vigyan week from 23-12-2015 to    29-12-2015 and organized different activities for the benefit of the farming community.  The detailed day wise activities organized are submitted here under.

23-12-2015:Visited Ramatheertham, Prasanthagiri,and Busagadi palem, conducted Method Demonstration  on fortification of Trichoderma Viride with farm yard manure and neem cake.  The scientists explained about the Dos and Don'ts of Method Demonstration.

26-12-2015 to 27-12-2015:  Krishi Vigyan Kendra Scientists attend awareness programme on "Importance of organic products" particularly with millets for good health, organized by the society an organic farming at VRC ground Nellore .Products prepared with millets were  displayed in exhibition stall on 26-12-15 and 27-12-15.  The public visited the stall were provided information on importance of millets in maintaining of good health and clarified the doubts raised by the public

28-12-15:On conducted one day training programme on preparation of "Home made products". Particularly phenyl making for the Self Help Group members and also created awareness about role of KVK in dissemination of technology for the benefit of the farming particularly women community.

29-12-15:   BFSCS Students are conducting Special camp to Gangapatnam Village of Indukur pet mandal.  Accordingly created awareness about "Importance of nutrition" and also explained about diet for pregnant and lactating mothers.  Shown them the method of preparation of Ragi malt.

3.    Mushroom Training Programme:


A One day programme was organized for 150 persons (male, female) on mushroom cultivation. The participants were taught on Oyster and Milk Mushroom production. The procedures for cultivation, budget requirement to set the mushroom unit were also explained. The participants had hands on experience on method of preparation of beds with straw and spawn.   At the end of the training programme, certificates were provided to the trainees.